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About Us

ICEFAT is an official, worldwide democratic organization representing 73 of the finest
independent art transportation firms
from 34 countries. Each member specializes in handling and shipping works of art, artifacts and antiquities for museums, galleries and dealers, corporate and private collectors and the premier auction houses.

ICEFAT is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of professionalism in the field of museum and gallery shipping. We strive to foster effective communication and understanding between our members and our clients by providing an information network which allows for competitive alternatives in the area of art transportation.

For 40 years ICEFAT has hosted annual conventions where members meet to exchange ideas and establish relationships with associates worldwide in the field of packing, shipping and forwarding works of art, artifacts and antiquities.

The organization is comprised of a select group of companies who apply for membership and are supported unanimously by all other members.

Acceptance as a member indicates the applicant has:

  • A minimum of five years experience in the field,
  • Performed and worked with several members, those of which support the application,
  • Demonstrated responsibility in financial matters.

The group is governed by an elected Steering Committee which is comprised of 6 elected members from specific geographic locations throughout the world. The Steering Committee meets 6 times a year to discuss matters presented to the committee and to arrange the annual convention.

Please feel free to contact the Steering Committee:

Non-members are welcome to contact the ICEFAT Secretariat with your questions or comments by sending an email to . Your email will be forwarded to the appropriate party.