GDPR policy

(1) As per Article 5 GDPR; Recital 39, ICEFAT collects personal data from the listed representatives of its member companies being given consent to do so by those individuals for the purpose of fulfilling the obligations according to its own Articles of Association. The limitation of these purposes is to offer a directory to membership as well as to the public who may intend to contact these persons solely on a professional basis in order to contract their services consistent with the offerings of fine art logistics companies. This information is limited to names, physical business address, telephone, fax, mobile and email. Updates are requested from members annually. Information is stored for as long as persons are employed by the member companies in good standing. Member companies are responsible for supplying up to date and accurate information. Information is stored on the website and is accessible by the webmaster and their appointed technical support. Historic information is destroyed and does not remain in archive.

(2) As per Article 13 GDPR, following the acquisition of information, individuals receive confirmation of the information entered as follows:
“Thank you for your submission. ICEFAT will record the information you have submitted in the directory portion of its website for access by members and the general public. This information is limited to your name associated with your employer’s business address and can include your email address, telephone and mobile numbers. This is in compliance with ICEFAT’s Articles of Association. The information is updated annually and you retain the right to withdraw your consent at any time.”

(3) The ICEFAT subscription to industry related news topics both about our members as well as newsworthy items involving art exhibitions and logistical topics is an email database which is opt-in only. A memo will be sent annually to the subscribers giving them an opportunity to unsubscribe. Subscribers also have the option to have their email addresses removed from the database at any time. The database includes email addresses only and no other personal information.