Trusted Hands, Global Reach

Most art transportation is local; it begins and ends with two art handlers and an air-ride climate control truck. The ICEFAT network insures that as an artwork moves from New York to London to Paris to Dubai, there is an ICEFAT member at each location to assure that the artwork is handled, inspected, documented and transported professionally and in accord with local laws.

Contact your local ICEFAT agent for an estimate to transport your artwork around the corner or around the world.


The Best Climate for Art

Many of the finest art storage facilities in the world are owned and operated by ICEFAT members. ICEFAT member storage facilities are strategically situated, fitted and maintained with in-depth protocols and controls to provide the best climate for art.

  • Temperature and climate control
  • Physical, manned, and electronic security
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Environmental controls
  • Inventory, asset management, and human resource controls
  • Documented policies and procedures
  • Emergency planning

Contact your local ICEFAT agent


Finest Hands in Art Handling

ICEFAT agents handle and install many of the most revered cultural artifacts. Often chosen to place some of the most difficult and dangerous installations in the world, our member companies employ the best minds and hands in art handling.

Some impressive installations are shown below, contact your local ICEFAT agent, for an installation estimate.



The Art of Protection

From soft packing for short trips across town to custom crating for multi-city museum tours, ICEFAT agents know the safest and most efficient solutions and materials for every art transfer. Many ICEFAT members operate custom crate shops specializing in a full spectrum of fine art crates.

  • Reusable museum exhibition crates designed for traveling exhibitions and long-term storage
  • Reusable standard crates designed for some travel and long-term storage
  • One-way crates suited for domestic and international shipping
  • Slatted crates secure artworks for a single transfer Travel frames secure artworks for a single transfer

Contact your local ICEFAT agent

Long-Term Safekeeping

Art collections require maintenance. From inventory to inspection, photography, conservation and insurance, many ICEFAT agents offer a full suite of collection management services. For advice on how to attend to the well-being of your collection, contact your local ICEFAT agent.