Here’s a little window into the behind-the-scene activity at ICEFAT…Our subcommittees are comprised of volunteers from the ranks of our members. Two subcommittees in particular have been working hard to further the professional and ethical goals of our organization:

Membership Committee

Within this group are two task forces. The first has been vetting new applicants for inclusion based on qualifications and references. That process is constantly being honed. While that team continues their mission, another team has taken on the challenging task of codifying quantifiable standards. These standards are expected to be reviewed by our general membership at the next Annual Meeting in November for a vote to enter them into ICEFAT’s Rules & Regulations. If this happens, applicants will receive the most objective and impartial evaluation. Current members will also be held to this standard.

The Steering Committee (SC) would like to thank the volunteers of the Membership Subcommittee for their tireless efforts. They represent the global diversity of ICEFAT.


Peter Elsaesser of MuseumsPartner (chair), Simon Fors Of MTAB, Barbara De Zorzi of Interlinea, Amanda Sharp of Gander & White, Ebru Demirel of Asya International Movers, Margarida Soares of Feirexpo, Klaus Hillmann of Tandem And Dimitris Katsadakis of Orphee Beinoglou (SC Liaison)


Ruben Mendez of Delmiro Mendez and Renata Vinhas of FINK MOBILITY


Ruben Mendez of Delmiro Mendez and Renata Vinhas of FINK MOBILITY


Carlos Cordova of Cordova Plaza, Simone Modigliani of Dietl and George Lacovara of Gander & White (USA)

E-Commerce & Marketing

Yes, it’s the 21st century, and we are still at work converting the Newsletter to a digitally distributed format. E&M is currently at work on a more relevant website and a responsible social media campaign that preserves our clients’ needs for discretion. They are also designing a blog which will circulate pertinent information of or about our industry and the art and exhibitions world we serve.

The SC would also like to thank the brilliant volunteers:


Alexander Bradford of Gander & White, Jessica Elsaesser of MuseumsPartner, Julius Hillmann of Tandem and Lapo Sergi of Apice (SC liaison)


Melissa Osterwind of SRI (chair) and Devon Giroux of PACART


Some of our members have been attending museum congresses this year. At this year’s annual meeting of the American Alliance of Museums (AAM), I saw representatives from Atthowe Fine Arts, TCI, US Art, MuseumsPartner and Art Shipping International. Later this year, in November, there will be a large contingent at the European Registrars Conference in London where ICEFAT will sponsor and raffle off a couple of IPads. Stay tuned for details…

Jonathan Schwartz