Happy New Year to all with great hope for a positive 2018. ICEFAT is currently reviewing applications from potential new members from around the globe, but we are excited to announce our newest fine art handling specialists who joined us this past December.

Tti from Spain has been an important player for many years in the museum exhibitions field. They changed ownership a few years ago but have retained much of their staff and management. We look forward to meeting them in person and introducing them to their new friends at our next annual meeting in November. They join EDICT, our other Spanish member, to represent the best standards in the industry.

Helutrans has been a stalwart resource for those needing reliable services in Asia. Although their Singapore office was the only registered ICEFAT branch, they have recently applied for and received membership for their China branches and join Michelle and BALtrans to serve the art market from those locations.

We hope to bring you news of our growing ranks in the months to follow.

Jonathan Schwartz
ICEFAT Chairman