As well as offering highly reliable, efficient services and running commercially successful businesses, ICEFAT members are involved in myriad activities to give back through the art world.

Apice installing at Dynamo Camp

ICEFAT’s membership recognises art’s ability to enable people to consider emotions, beliefs, ideas and hopes, and how art can be used in therapy too. One of the organisation’s US members, New York-based Atelier 4, gives in-kind sponsorship to The Art Therapy Project. The Project supports young people and veterans entering or re-entering society by encouraging art creation to engage with their challenges. Atelier 4 ships these works to fundraising events. Similarly, Apice of Italy works with The Art Factory at Dynamo Camp, Italy’s first free recreation camp for children and adolescents with severe or chronic illnesses. Contemporary artists realize artworks imagined by resident children, which are then sold to raise funds. Apice provides the pro-bono logistical services to make this possible.

In the UK, Crown Fine Art supports House of St Barnabas, a London club that combats homelessness through its Employment Academy, which helps people at risk for homelessness find employment. For no cost, Crown initiates, installs and maintains an annual curated arts programme showcasing artworks for sale by artists at The London Club.

Technicians from Crown Fine Art in front of works they have just hung at the house of St Barnabus

ICEFAT agents provide subsidized support for worthy museum projects. Cooke’s Crating provided complimentary design and fabrication of the travel casing for Thomas Gainsborough’s masterpiece, Blue Boy, at Huntington Art Museum. Also, in the 100th year since women were first allowed to vote in the UK, Gander & White Shipping provided subsidized services to London’s Foundling Museum, for an exhibition of portraits of women who founded the original institution for orphaned ‘foundlings.’

Thomas Gainsborough’s Blue Boy

When it comes to museum fundraising, members are always willing to lend a hand. Members regularly provide complimentary shipping services for museums to support these endeavors. Here are some examples from the past year alone:

Our international membership is also committed to supporting emerging artists and small galleries. Tandem Kunst of Germany, is one agent that regularly subsidizes deserving operations, such as Frechen Art Club and Kjubh Art Club, which both exist to give exposure to early career artists. Tandem also sponsored Gute Aussichten, a young photographers’ prize. Over in the US, Gander & White Shipping in Miami works with non-profit Locust Projects, an ‘alternative’ art space that allows contemporary artists to exhibit experimentally without financial pressure. G&W’s UK operation also supports emerging art by allotting a yearly £5000 spend at Wimbledon Art Studios, some of the most exciting artists working in London today. Atelier 4 in New York, in lieu of Christmas gifts to its clients, last year announced significant support and a donation to Artists Space, a place for emerging artists to produce and present their work outside the existing institutional structure.

ICEFAT’s members care for not only their life blood of the art world but the broader global community in which we all inhabit. From London to LA, Miami to Milan, ICEFAT’s global community is committed to giving back in all the ways it can.